Tech (STG): InVader Urban Graffiti Bots

Tech (STG): InVader Urban Graffiti Bots

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The first time I heard about Tech was a story about his remote-controlled vehicle which had a spray can mounted on it, which enabled the user to paint the surface which the mechanism covered. Fast forward to today and after meeting the man himself, I was blown away by his latest inventions which he showcased at 36 Chambers held earlier this year. With a fascination in both art and electronics, Tech, completely self-taught, combines the two in a unique practice. The result? A whole new world. This is evolution!

More about the InVader Urban Graffiti Bots:

The integration of robotic technology, spray paint and markers brings about the next step in evolution for the ever dynamic art form that is Graffiti Art. The InVader Bots pushes the boundaries and notion of graffiti art into its Neo-Tech Graffiti manifestation, through the assimilation of the Programmable interface and Radio Controlled (RC) technology with age old graffiti mediums and techniques. This evolution presents not only the future of this art form through techniques, but also through its medium of delivery.

Written by Sam Lo

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